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Since 1 August 1947, the Aleksandre Chavchavadze House-Museum at Tsinandali has welcomed visitors interested in his family and palace. After renovation works in 2008, the museum has hosted exhibitions of works by various prominent Georgian and foreign artists: Salvador Dali, Elene Akhvlediani, Levan Mekhuzla, Dimitri and Sandro Eristavi, Sergo Kobuladze and Karlo Kacharava. New exhibits each season make museum even more attractive and have turned it into an important cultural site.

1 of May 2011, in Tsinandali was opened new exhibition "Once upon a time in Holland." 19-20 century artworks are brought from Dutch gallery "Simonis & Buunk." Here are represented authors like Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondriaan; both of them are listed among the top painters of 20th century, thus by visiting Tsinandali you can be introduced to the prime artworcs of the contemporary art.

Exhibition will last till the end of June.

Everyone's welcome!

Working hours

Every day from 10:00 to 19:00. During the winter months the muzeum closes one hour earlier.

Ticket prices

The price of the ticket includes fees for visiting the garden, museum, vineyard and a guide for museum exhibits.

Schoolchildren 3 GEL (Lari)

University/college students 4 GEL

Standart adult 5 GEL (Lari)

Standart +tasting of one sort of Georgian wine 7 GEL (Lari)

Standart + tasting of various of Georgian wines 20 GEL (Lari)

Visitning only park 2 GEL (Lari)


Tickets are free for "Museum's Honored Guests", members of ICOM & UNESCO, children under school age and socially deprived and refugees.

On 18th of May, International Museum Day, entrance is free for everyone.

Who was Alexandre Chavchavadze? Alexander Chavchavadze

Aleksandre Chavchavadze (1786-1846) - writer, military leader, diplomat, public figure and inventor - was one of the most important figures of his time. He gained respect in Georgia as well as throughout the Russian Empire. Aleksandre was the god-son of Catherine II of Russia, and he spent his childhood in Russian noble circles. There, he was exposed to every innovation brought from Europe or discovered in Russia. Chavchavadze was a military leader (lieutenant-general) who participated in every important military expedition. In 1813-1815 he fought against Napoleon's Army (as an aide to Barclay de Tolly)

Aleksandre Chavchavadze devoted his life to promoting and developing Georgian culture. He is considered to be the founder of Georgian romantic Poetry. In addition, he translated European and Russian authors such as Aesop, Voltaire and Pushkin.

Chavchavadze was also the first Georgian noble to produce and bottle Georgian wine according to European methods. His vineyard is still cultivated to this day. Visitors can see a bottle of Saperavi wine from 1839, the first harvest at Tsinandali. There are also 16,500 bottles of other sorts of wines.

Tsinandali Palace is the perfect mixture of Georgian and European architectural cultures and in so doing symbolizes the values Aleksandre Chavchavadze wanted to establish in Georgia.



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  • There is a souvenir shop on the ground floor of the museum where one can find arts and crafts from the Kakheti region. Copies of Nino Chavchavadze's handkerchief and of artefacts from archaeological excavations in Georgia are among the items for sale.

    Also on the ground floor are the Tsinandali cafe and a wine-tasting bar where one can have a light lunch and try foods prepared by professional cooks. The bar offers more than 20 Georgian wines which can be bought by the glass or by the bottle.

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  • The Tsinandali Education Centre was founded jointly by the Tsinandali Aleksandre Chavchavadze House-Museum and the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science. The aim of this centre is to elaborate education programmes, introduce modern education technologies and expand the museum's auditorium.

    The centre plans to develop several programmes, including an educational salon that will host workshops, special exhibitions and competitions. The project "Learning at the Museum" allows schools to hold classes on the premises of the museum. The Education Centre has its own website, where one can plan school visits and organize educational events.

    The total area of the complex is 1809 square metres (the palace - 800 square metres, the vineyard – 1009 square metres). Permanent exhibits related to Aleksandre Chavchavadze and his descendants take up most of the space at the museum. Other spaces are used for temporary exhibitions and events.

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The Tsinandali garden occupies 18 hectares of land. Aleksandre Chavchavadze was the first landowner to bring European landscape designers into Georgia. The park has a unique and interesting layout, with a mixture of natural and decorated gardens. Some historians have likened Tsinandali Park to London's Richmond and Kew Gardens.

The park is richly inhabited by European, Asian and American exotic plants. In 1887 famous landscape designer Arnold Ragel was invited from St Petersburg to renovate the park. Renovations are under way now, too, which aim to show visitor's the park's full glory.

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Cahvchavadze family stamp

In late 2010 the Tsinandali museum acquired another artefact, the Chavchavadze family stamp. It will be exhibited following research and preservation treatment. Preliminary study indicates it may have been used by Aleksandre Chavchavadze himself.

Karlo Kacharava

Karlo Kacharava was one of the most important figures in Georgian modern art. He was an art historian, painter and writer. His works are exhibited across the world. He was also the founder and leader of the artistic groups Archivarius and 10 floors.



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